Author Ava Pennington
Author Ava Pennington

I’m weary of people talking without listening to the words they speak. And they seem to be appearing in news headlines with appalling frequency.

I’m weary of Christians who say God is love, then spew hatred for unbelievers.

I’m weary of secularists who demand inclusion for every disenfranchised group under the sun, but exclude Christians.

I’m weary of protesters (left or right) who riot in the name of democracy, but deny the rights of others by destroying their private property. Hypocrisy

Ah, it’s easy for me to point fingers at people in the news. But then I’m convicted. What about my own behavior? A well-known adage observes that when I point a finger at another person, four fingers point back to me.  Sad to say, I’ve been guilty of living a hypocritical life, too.

I claim to trust God, then I worry about my situation.

I acknowledge that our sovereign God is in control, then try to manipulate my circumstances to fit my desires.

I say I love Jesus more than anything, then hold back when He gives me the opportunity to give to His work.

I claim to obey God’s call to serve Him joyfully, then prioritize my convenience over His service.

Can you relate?

Hypocrisy is not only found in the inconsistency of our words. It’s also demonstrated when our actions contradict our words.

If integrity is transparency and consistency between thoughts, words, and deeds, then my integrity has been overshadowed by hypocrisy more often than I’d like to admit.

I want to be a person of integrity.

No contradictions.

No disconnects.

No private agendas.

Instead, I’m as much a hypocrite as anyone else. And I need this prayer:

Heavenly Father, cleanse me from hypocrisy and inconsistency. May I live with complete transparency in my thoughts, words, and deeds. And may those same thoughts, words, and deeds be consistent with Your Word and the leading of Your Holy Spirit.

Will you pray this with me?

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  1. Ellen Frogner

    I do not see this in you, Ava. I see you giving sacrificially of your time (the most valuable possession you have right now) to do what God has set for you to do. I see you trusting God with your whole heart and your whole life in ways I cannot fathom.

    But yes, I see this in the world, and I fight my own inclination to be that hypocrite.

  2. Ava Pennington

    Thank you, Ellen. Unfortunately, there’s a bit of hypocrisy in most – if not all – of us!

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