Author Ava Pennington
Author Ava Pennington

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About Ava

Applying truth is not always easy these days. People and circumstances often seem to conspire against our desire to live out our faith.

At home, work, having fun with friends, or even at church, it’s a challenge to avoid the traps of either preachiness or keeping quiet about what we believe.

So how can I help you?

Perhaps you’re interested in learning how the Bible is relevant to 21st-century life. Or maybe you want to learn more about how God’s attributes and ways can strengthen you for the challenges you’re facing today. Perhaps you’d like to explore the fruit of the Spirit relating to your own spiritual growth or to your relationships. Maybe you want to be better equipped to respond to others who may not agree with your biblical worldview. Or perhaps you’re not sure if you even have a biblical worldview.

For all these reasons and more, I look forward to connecting with you through my books, weekly blog posts, occasional newsletter, or speaking for your group or church events.

Having worked in the financial services world, I understand the importance of being anchored in a biblical worldview while navigating the twists and turns of our culture. Of being real about our faith even as we enjoy work relationships and friendships with those who may not share our faith.

Equipped with an MBA in Executive Management, I worked in corporate Human Resources in New York City for 20 years. While I enjoyed my vocation, my desire to teach and write motivated me to earn an Adult Bible Studies Certificate from Moody Bible Institute.

I left the corporate world and began speaking as well as writing books, articles, and devotions to encourage others to apply truth and deepen their faith. I also teach a Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) class to help others learn to dig into God’s Word for themselves.

As an author, speaker, and Bible teacher, I have a passion for sharing inspirational articles for organizations such as Focus on the Family, Christianity Today, Haven Ministries, and Revive Our Hearts. I’ve also been published in 35+ anthologies, including 30 Chicken Soup for the Soul books, writing for the general inspirational market.

Wondering about my qualifications? I’m a freelance editor, a mentor with Word Weavers International, and a certified coach for Christian writers and speakers. I’m also a member of the Christian Author’s Network (CAN) and the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association (AWSA). And speaking of speakers, I love to connect with audiences through relevant, challenging, and enjoyable presentations.

When I’m not teaching, speaking, writing, or editing, I’m playing with my too-smart-for-her-own-good boxer!