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Author Ava Pennington

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Ava PenningtonWelcome

Are you interested in Applying Truth and Deepening Faith while living in a culture that actively works against both of those goals?

If so, I hope you’ll explore the resources offered on these pages and enjoy what you find! I also look forward to connecting with you on:

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Identifying Unnecessary Burdens

Identifying Unnecessary Burdens

Unnecessary Burdens   Have you noticed how some things are becoming smaller and lighter these days? The first computer took up an entire building. Now you can hold a mini iPad in the palm of your hand. The first mobile phone looked and felt like a brick with an...

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The Rise and Fall of Nations

The Rise and Fall of Nations

The Rise and Fall of Nations   It’s been happening for millennia. Countries grow into empires with increasing power reaching far beyond their original borders. But sooner or later each is replaced with another empire, bigger, stronger, and fiercer in their...

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