Author Ava Pennington
Author Ava Pennington

Censorship. It’s an ugly word in a country whose citizens pride themselves on protecting every kind of freedom.

However, over the decades, the way we apply censorship has evolved in America. Free speech has become a casualty of an even greater priority: political correctness. And these days, it’s just not politically correct to be a Bible-believing Christian.

The result is that the Holy Bible is now #6 on the 2016 list of the top ten most challenged books, as compiled by the American Library Association (ALA). The ALA’s Office of Intellectual Freedom tracks book challenges and compiles an annual list.

This is the first year the Bible made the list of frequently challenged books. Believe it or not, the reason is “religious viewpoint.” This is the same list that includes Fifty Shades of Grey.

The Bible, a book honored and obeyed by our founding fathers, is now deemed objectionable. The irony is that people who object to it benefit from a government founded on its principles.


I prefer to think of the Bible as a challenging book, rather than a challenged book.

A book that makes me think.

A book that challenges my beliefs about myself, the world, and God, Himself.

A book that dares me to be all I was created to be.

A book that defines my problem (my sin) and offers the solution (the Savior).

A book that describes the God of creation as One who invites me to call Him Abba – Papa.

A book that teaches the first shall be last and the servant of all.

A book that describes God in all His attributes: just and merciful, holy and compassionate.

A book that describes the Savior as both the sacrificial Lamb of God and the victorious Lion of Judah.

Yes, the Bible is indeed a challenging book…and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

How does the Bible challenge you?

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  1. Jane Roach

    Another right-on proclamation! I thank God for you and the impact you are having for Christ and His Kingdom!

  2. AvaPennington

    Thank you, Jane. And I thank God for the training I received from you!

  3. Janice D Green

    Wow! You’ve done it again. This is right on target. How I long for people to dust off their Bibles and read it for themselves.

  4. AvaPennington

    Thank you, Janice!

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