Author Ava Pennington
Author Ava Pennington

New year. New possibilities. Good thing, too, because many of us look back on various events in the old year and say, “Good riddance!”

Still, despite the “Happy New Year” greetings, disappointments will follow us into the new year, too. So what do we do with them?

For me, handling disappointment, (and positive events, too!) begins with remembering who I belong to. My perspective changes radically when I filter everything that happens to me through the attributes of our great God. Consider these examples:

Sovereign – God is both Sovereign over world events and the things that happen to me personally. Nothing touches me that hasn’t first been sifted through His fingers.

Father – God’s tender care for His children means that even when He allows negative things to happen, they are for my eternal good.

Omniscient – while events may be a surprise to me, they are never a surprise to my heavenly Father.

Provider – Because He knows my needs before I do, He will provide what I need at just the right time. Sometimes it will be resources, other times it will be strength, courage, or encouragement by others.

Accessible – He is always with me and is only a prayer away.

Gracious – He doesn’t give me what I deserve, but He does give me what I don’t deserve – so grateful for His mercy!

These are just a few of the characteristics of God that remind me I can trust Him no matter what the new year may bring. I hope you can say the same.

As we begin the new year, what attributes of God bring you comfort as you face the unknown?

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  1. Bethany Macklin

    Isn’t it wonderfully stabilizing that God never disappoints? His faithfulness and His sovereignty bring me comfort and sanity in a world turned upside down.

  2. admin

    You’re so right, Bethany. He’s an anchor in our roiling seas!

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