Author Ava Pennington
Author Ava Pennington

Advice we’ve all heard: Expect the unexpected. But is that really possible? If we expect the unexpected, doesn’t that mean it’s no longer unexpected?

To expect the unexpected is to be flexible, to be prepared for options we may not have intended to plan for. For the Christian, it means surrendering ourselves to God, understanding that His loving sovereignty rules our lives…and our schedules.

The unexpected may occur through a telephone call, a knock at the door, or a chance meeting. The unexpected might occur at home or at work, in the neighborhood or a thousand miles away. It might be serious and sad or fabulous and funny.

Early this morning, we experienced the unexpected. A small alligator hiding under a car in our neighbor’s driveway. Living in Florida has accustomed us to close encounters with wildlife, and we usually welcome them. Alligators? Not so much. They were here long before we were and we try to give them wide berth…not to mention that they’re legally protected from human contact.

But this little guy was out of his element. He wasn’t near the water and the risk of being run over by a car was great. So we carefully and gently maneuvered him away from neighborhood traffic and into a trash can to restore him to a wilder, watery area. The maneuvering was more difficult than it sounds. The gator was frightened and did not cooperate. But with patience and perseverance, we finally contained him. Then we immediately released him into the Okeechobee Waterway, where he joined many of his relatives.

As I considered the morning’s unexpected events, I wondered how many times I’ve wandered into unsafe surroundings. How many times have I fought the circumstances God engineered to return me to safety? Yet over and over, He carefully and gently maneuvers me to where I belong.

Expect the unexpected. For the Christian, even the unexpected will work out for our eternal good and God’s ultimate glory.

Your turn:
When has the unexpected interrupted your day?
How did you respond?

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