Author Ava Pennington
Author Ava Pennington

I’m one of those people who breathes a sigh of relief and a prayer of thanks when I turn on the computer and it actually turns on. Error messages make me twitch, and solid blue screens cause me to see red. I love to teach and write. Bits and bytes–not so much. Creating and updating my own website ( was a major feat. Well, actually Jason Walker created the website (thanks, Jason!), but I do update it myself.

With my technically-challenged background, the idea of starting a blog was more than a bit intimidating. Not to mention that I wondered where I would find the time to begin yet another writing commitment (oops, I just mentioned it).

Anyway, I stalled, postponed, and delayed, and then I stalled some more. Then I read Laura Christianson’s book, Blogophobia Conquered. And I saw myself throughout the book, beginning with Chapter 1: Technophobia. Other chapters include Decidophobia, Scriptophobia, Formatophobia, Socialphobia, Borophobia, and Addictophobia.

Laura covers everything from how to set up a blog to how to write effective blog posts. She provides a comprehensive guide without getting bogged down in technical terms. Blogophobia Conquered is now my go-to reference for all things blogging related. Laura’s easy-to-understand descriptions and practical tips helped me overcome my blogophobia…and here I am!

(“Special thanks to Laura Christianson at Blogging Bistro for sending me a review copy of Blogophobia Conquered.”)

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  1. Jenness

    Yay, you’re here! 🙂

  2. Anitra

    Congrats! I’m so proud of you! I’m glad that the world will have another way to tap into your unique perspective and wisdom. I can’t wait to check back so keep up the good work.

  3. avapennington

    Thanks, Jenness and Anitra. I’m glad to be here!

  4. Jana

    I am joyfully awaiting the publication of your children’s picture books. What is the series titled? When will it be published?:)

  5. Jana

    I just answered my own questions when I discovered the “About” tab!! haha

  6. Laura Christianson

    Congrats on starting your new blog, Ava. You’re off and running! I really appreciate the review of Blogophobia Conquered, too.

  7. avapennington

    Thank you, Laura. And I appreciate the help from Blogophobia Conquered to get me started!


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