Author Ava Pennington
Author Ava Pennington

God, how could you let that drunk driver kill my son?

What about the baby born without arms and legs – where’s the good in that?

There’s just too much suffering in the world – if God exists, why does He allow it?

It’s all God’s fault—if there even is a God…or so an angry unbeliever will say with a certainty based on opinion alone. “How can a good God exist while allowing all the evil in the world?” they ask, bitterness tinging their voice. “Surely the suffering that surrounds us proves He doesn’t exist.”

I confess to a little confusion on my part, as well. No, not about the existence of God. My confusion is generated by the depth of anger and hostility unbelievers direct at a Being they claim doesn’t exist.

I’m also confused by the double standards and absence of logic in their arguments. For one thing, if the presence of evil proves the non-existence of God, then why doesn’t the presence of good prove that He does exist?

Many claim our own efforts are responsible for such good things as the beauty of love, the sustaining power of hope, or the refreshing encouragement of joy. But then why isn’t it reasonable to say the evil in this world is also generated by our own efforts?

Funny how some can say that when we make good choices, it’s to our credit, but when we make bad ones, it’s God’s fault. The sad, unvarnished truth is that we are broken people living in a broken world. Even when the first humans lived in a garden paradise, they still found a way to mess it up…and we’ve been carrying on the tradition ever since.

We’re broken by sin, but He offers healing for our spirits now and for our bodies later, if not now.

We’re separated from the One we need the most, but He offers to restore our relationship with Him based on the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus.

We’ve spoiled this world, but He promises a new and better world to come.

We can blame God because we are tormented by cancer, heart disease, and AIDS.
We can be mad at God because murderers and rapists destroy what we cherish.
We can shake our fists at Him in response to the earthquakes, hurricanes, and tsunamis that cause the earth to shudder.

Or…we can look at the mess we’ve made of ourselves and our world, and be grateful God hasn’t washed His hands of us once and for all.

God is good.

Don’t be mad at a God you’re not even sure exists.

Be glad for a God who loves us enough to fix what we’ve broken.

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  1. Pam Walsh

    Beautiful Ava!!!! Your words inspire so many. Blessed to read your stories and to have had you lead bible studies. You’re amazing!

  2. Ellen Snyder

    Such a timely message to share with a number of “atheists” I am dialoging with. It is not so much that they don’t believe in God. It is more like they refuse to believe in someone who doesn’t play by their rules.

  3. admin

    Thank you for your sweet, encouraging words, Pam. So glad connected us in those Bible studies over the years!

  4. admin

    Ellen, I love how you phrased that…”they refuse to believe in someone who doesn’t play by their rules.” Well said!

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